In the final stages of deployment.. (14/09/09)

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In the final stages of deployment.. (14/09/09)

Mensaje por YellowVirus el Jue 17 Sep 2009, 11:34 pm

Ryan volvio a escribir en el Myspace de Big If de la banda y dejo esto..

Hey there. This here blog is coming at you all the way from the sweltering paradise that is Tempe, AZ. Some of you may remember our old friend Ryan Mendez. Well, he has created quite the studio set up at his house here in AZ. Why AZ you ask? Ryan's wife is in graduate school for architecture at Arizona State. So over the last 8 months Sean and I have been traveling between my home in Athens, and his in San Diego to write songs. When we feel like they are ready to go we head here to AZ where Mendez slaps the lead guitars on and produces the sweet sounding demos you have all been listening to. (He won't be playing lead guitar in the band, however. That duty has been bestowed upon our friend Josh Portman, previously of the band Near Miss.)

We have been writing and recording these songs in hopes that we get to record them all over again very soon. What I mean by that is these are the demos that we are hoping get us a new home at a new record label. This trip we recorded three songs. Monster, Empty Street, and Hang You Up. There is a version of Hang You Up on the myspace page but this one sounds much better thanks to Mr. Mendez. It looks like this is going to be our last trip out here for a good while. We have been told by the powers that be that these tunes are ready to"shop" as they say in Tinseltown. We will spend this week mixing these three and have them posted for you to hear the following week. But after that we may not be recording until we actually go make a full length record.

So I wanted to say thanks. Thanks to everyone who has been following us as we have gone through these first few months. There is so much more to come and we really hope to be making an album that you can take home with you soon.

We will get these new demos up as quick as we can. I hope everyone has a great week.
One more thing, if you own any Kanye West albums, you should try and get your money back.




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